Many patients come on the recommendation of satisfied family and friends…

Just a message to wish you a happy Easter and thank you for the latest post hip op training session .
I’ve been following the exercises quite well and note that I have less pain and more mobility..e.g. when getting out of the car .
My Surgeon was impressed when I sent him the videos you took of me and sent me a message which I would like you to see…

Dr . Caldora of Milan, ( Orthopaedic Surgeon)
Having seen videos you took of the hip rehabilitation exercises you did with me,  I would say that your postop training and physiotherapy are simply perfect. Your Physiotherapist is very skilled. Seeing your movements and strength, your right hip is going well and better over time. Try to gain every activity of  daily living as soon as possible. Your videos are perfect for instructional patient postoperative information. Take care! See you soon.  Patrizio 🤗.

Fergus – April 2023

Freda diagnosed and treated with ultrasound, tendonitis in my wrist. She sent me away with a set of daily exercises and instructions on the type of splint I needed. Now, 5 days later, it is so much improved and I am due back for my 2nd appointment in a couple of days.

Mairead – February 2023

Freda is an absolute Diamond. She is so caring and so professional at her job … I will be recommending Freda to people I know

John Hughes – August 2022

Would highly recommend. Freda is brilliant and her exercises are easy to follow and work wonders. Five stars!

Con Lavelle – April 2020

Great service. Always friendly and helpful advice from Frieda!

Barbara Foley – April 2020

Excellent service wouldn’t recommend anyone else. Got my Achilles sorted in 2 weeks in 2012 and now down to one crutch after dislocating my knee in under 3 weeks. – 5 star

Lorcan Barker – July 2017

I was given a series of finger exercises to aid recovery from a hand operation for dupuytren’s contracture. The exercises are simple but very effective. Freda’s approach was straightforward and easy to understand. I highly recommend her.

Henry – December 2016

I had repetitive strain syndrome from making coffees in my shop during the busiest time of the year. I couldn’t take time off but it was so painful that I couldn’t work. Freda solved the problem by strapping me up and I was good to go! I got the full treatment of course and am working away no problem now but it was the practical and efficient approach to my injury and business difficulty that really impressed me – a case of “no nonsense, how do we get you back to work AND treat your injury”. I can’t recommend her highly enough Freda O’Keeffe was professional and highly capable, I was really impressed with the speed at which she sorted me out and have every confidence in her and her clinic as a result.

Rose – July 2016

I have had best physio help from Freda and great advice.

Stephanie Hunter – April 2015

Many thanks for your professionalism and support. I feel a lot more confident about my foot after my visit to you. I really appreciate the fact that you answered all my stupid questions more than once !!!

Maire – August 2015

I have been using Freda’s service for many years firstly through the rugby club and also as a private patient for sports Injury. I have had numerous sprains, strains, breaks and tears, but I have yet to do anything that Freda could not fix. She has always given me the best of care and at the age of 16 when I did some serious damage to my knee, Freda and her team were able to give me all the care I needed to get me back on my feet and walking again, sooner than the doctor predicted.I would recommend her service to anyone looking for Sports Injury treatment in a safe and welcoming clinic, Freda will look after you.

Gordon – November 2014

When I first went to see Freda for treatment of a slipped disc I was in absolute agony. She reassured me that even though it may have felt like it the world wasn’t going to end but she did advise me that my injury wasn’t going to heal overnight either. Freda provided me with exercises to do at home alongside four weeks of treatment on my neck and back I now feel like a normal person that can get back to exercise and fitness again. Thanks Freda!

Sorcha – August 2014

Freda is warm, effective in her treatment and, most importantly, encouraging towards her patients. She provides a comfortable environment and puts people at ease her physiotherapy treatment and exercises work really well and I am very pleased to recommend Freda.

Han – Greystones Jul 2014

After keyhole surgery for wear and tear on my right knee, probably caused by years of playing tennis, I was advised to see a physiotherapist. Freda told me she had had the same operation and gave me some good tips, several exercises to do to build up the muscles around my knee, and a regime of rest and ice. I am now swimming and cycling again, the tennis will come later! thanks Freda.

Eve – Greystones, July 2014

I go to the gym & was getting progressively worse knee pain. I followed all kinds of advice but it made no difference. So I went to Freda. She examined my knee. It turns out I had a tendon problem. She treated it with ultrasound & interferential, showed me how to tape it and gave me exercises to do. It turns out the exercises I used to do in the gym were making my knee worse! I had two treatments & now following the physio & the new exercise routine I am much better. Thanks Freda

Ed – August 2014